Welcome to a New Adventure

I am a person who loves a mystery and digging into a good puzzle. I adore learning history, seeing locations where history took place, and exploring the world around me. I invite you on this new journey of mine to delve into ALL kinds of mystery across the Pacific Northwest – Missing Persons, Mysterious Criminal Cases, Urban Legends, Historic Locations, Hauntings, Ghost Towns, and Rock Hunting.

It is my vision to offer you a story you may not have heard before, or a known story with even more detail. My mission is to uncover information that’s not common knowledge and provide you with those resources. I’ll guide you to and through some fascinating locations and explain the history that makes it so compelling. Maybe you’ll use some of these videos as a travel guide. Perhaps you’ll help me solve the mystery of a missing person or a cold case.

Walk with us and we begin…. Investigating the NW!

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