Kent, Oregon Ghost Town!

Oregon Ghost Town Day Trip 1 – Part 3

In Spring of 2022, our family took a day trip to visit some historical ghost towns in Central Oregon. We are fascinated by history and wanted to walk the streets of these old towns to see the monuments to the past that are still standing today. Join us as we walk through each town, describe the historical buildings, provide maps for the day trip, and offer some helpful hints for venturing out on this day trip yourself.

Kent, Oregon, was founded in the late 1800s, and currently has a population of about 71 (although you’d never know it from looking at the desolate town). Kent is the most isolated and abandoned of the three towns we visited. It also feels more expansive and open because there are fewer trees and the buildings are more spread out. Walking the streets of Kent truly feels like a Ghost Town experience.

Day Trip Tour Includes:

  • Antelope, OR (Population 143)
  • Shaniko, OR (Population 37)
  • Kent, OR (Population 71)
  • Kent IOOF Cemetery (Population ??)

To Visit:

GPS Coordinates: 45.195, -120.692 Approximately 90 miles North of Bend, OR & 150 miles East of Portland, OR



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