Haunted Places of Bend, Oregon

Haunted Bend Ghost Tour

Bend, Oregon, was established in 1904 and proudly maintains its many historical locations. Many of these buildings have exciting stories that include the mysterious and ghostly. All of the locations on this tour have published accounts of paranormal activity and are often included in the Haunted Bend tours that take place in October. If you are interested in exploring the ghostly side of Bend, Oregon, for a day (or even 3!) I have compiled a map and some recommended itineraries for your day. I have posted videos about the haunted history and phenomena at every location, so make sure to click the links to view the videos before your trip, so you’ll know who and what you may run into at each site.

Tour Map:

Haunted Locations in Bend:

All Locations Open Thursday – Saturday

Old Sparrow Bakery (50 SE Scott St. Suite 22) – Grab a coffee and some breakfast at the Cafe Deschutes and be on the lookout for ghostly staff. Hours: Thursday-Monday 8a-2p. Closed Tues & Weds.

Thomas McCann House (440 Congress St.) – Take a stroll through the historic district and view the gorgeous historic homes.

Deschutes Historical Museum (129 NW Idaho Ave.) – Hours: 10a- 4:30p Tuesday-Saturday. Closed Sunday-Monday

McMenamins Old St. Francis School (700 NW Bond St.) – Enjoy some lunch at the St. Francis Pub then tour the entire locations. Don’t forget the secret rooms!

O’Kane Building (115 NW Oregon Ave.) – Stroll over to sightsee or shop in the many businesses open in this building. Make sure to stop by the main entrance to smell for Hugh O’Kane’s cigars!

Pilot Butte Cemetery (NE 12th St.) – At night, people claim to see mysterious blue lights floating amongst the headstones. Even during the day, this is a beautiful place to walk, view the Butte, take pictures, and try to capture some EVPs.

Redmond Hotel (521 SW 6th St, Redmond, OR) – Take a short drive North to Redmond, have a snack in the hotel cafe, and tour the property.

Driving Route

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