Haunted Fort Dalles Museum in Oregon

Haunted The Dalles, Oregon

We recently visited The Dalles, Oregon, and of course I had to plan out an itinerary of historical places and urban legends associated with this town. Our first stop was the supposedly haunted Fort Dalles Museum. In the book “Ghost Stories of Oregon,” visitors have reported feeling a menacing presence and even seeing apparitions. Some claim the site is haunted by the ghosts of Native Americans killed in the historical battles, other say the Native American and pioneer artifacts draw spirits, and of course, even others theorize the former Fort was built on an Indian graveyard. Is there fact or fiction to any of these stories? Watch the video below to find out!

To Visit:

Fort Dalles Museum

Fort Dalles Museum Facebook Page

500 West 15th & Garrison St. The Dalles, Oregon – Open 10am – 5pm Daily

Haunted Fort Dalles Photos:

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