Haunted Columbia Gorge Community College in Oregon!

Haunted The Dalles, Oregon

This located is unquestionably the most haunted location in The Dalles. When you search forums and Facebook groups for the urban legends of The Dalles, the Columbia Gorge Community College is always mentioned. The former Eastern Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital hosts a multitude of ghostly phenomena. The harsh, raspy coughs of previous TB patients in the DEQ Office, uneasy presences, loud bangs, and crashes in the bookstore, are just a few of the reports. However, it is the elevator that often draws people to the basement even when they press a button for an upper floor, that draws the most attention.

Theories abound that the college is haunted by former tuberculosis patients, that those patients haunted the basement because it was the former morgue, or that the ghosts of people cremated on the property still remain. Is there fact or fiction to any of these stories? Watch the video below to find out!

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Columbia Gorge Community College Website

400 E Scenic Dr, The Dalles, OR

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Article Clippings:

The Mysterious Death of Cora Engels – July 7, 1963, Cora Engels, 63, went missing from the hospital (at that time it was the Columbia Park Home). Unfortunately, her body was found soon after. It was reported that she had died very soon after being reported missing. However, no further information has been released about her case. Did she encounter foul play or harm herself?  We’ll never know. I could not locate her gravesite either.

The Accidental Death of Guy McGin – On October 12, 1972, 18 year old Guy McGin accidentally shot himself in the employees dormitory of the Columbia Park Hospital & Training Center. He and a friend had been handling the gun when it accidentally discharged. 

The Disappearance of Kenny Hawthorne – On May 26th, 1975, Kenny Hawthorne, an epileptic patient at the Columbia Park Hospital, went missing as he was looking for firewood around the property and he has never been seen since.

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