Haunted The Dalles Pioneer Cemetery in Oregon!

Haunted The Dalles, Oregon

I enjoy walking through cemeteries. They are usually quiet, peaceful, and packed full of history and stories of the past. Strolling through The Dalles Pioneer Cemetery felt a little bit like wandering around an abandoned building. Most of the markers were missing, and the majority of those left were fallen and broken. It felt lonely. These cemeteries tend to also have hauntings associated with them and this one is no different.

Could the cemetery by haunted by a wounded girl with crutches? Is there fact or fiction to any of these stories? Watch the video below to find out!

To Visit:

400 block of East Scenic Drive, The Dalles

Haunted The Dalles Pioneer Cemetery Photos:

Tales From the Cemetery!

“Judge” Mary Leonard Article Clippings:

Haunted Oregon Books:

Information Sources:

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